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What is Rent2Own?

If you are looking to buy a home but do not have enough money for the down payment, or if your credit does not qualify you for a traditional mortgage, rent-to-own may be the best option for you. Rent-to-own can also be explained as a lease to buy option where you, the renter, sign a contract to purchase the home after one or two years of leasing. Within this time, a portion of your rent will go towards the mortgage, and you will have plenty of time to line up your financing to transition over when the lease is up.

Other Housing Options

Other housing options for those looking for a reasonably priced home are Foreclosures, HUD or Section 8 Housing, banked owned or short sale properties. Rent2Own-Listings has included these homes in our search results as these can be great options for home seekers. Many of these properties are available via auction or certain state approved housing programs. We understand this process can be stressful, but we work to make this fast and quick so you can find your next home.

Financial Eligibility

Searching and applying for housing programs can be long and exhausting for users. With the endless credit checks, income verification and other approval processes required, many applicants don\’t qualify for certain programs. With our financial services partners, we offer our users a great way to improve their financial standing through credit repair and credit reporting.


Rent2Own-Listings is a valuable service that is dedicated to helping our users find the best rent-2-own listings and options available to them. With our years of experience in the financial and housing industry, we work with experts from the approval process all the way to seeing the properties in person. Our financial experts will help you evaluate your credit and offer solutions that may improve your application success rate.

About Rent2Own-Listings

Finding Rent-2-Own Homes Has Never Been Easier is a housing resource service that provides real time access to rent-to-own listings. Our listing directory and financial assistance programs are designed help make the application process easier than ever. also works with financial services companies to help our users get approvals and improve their financial standings. Our years of housing assistance experience helps users find and apply for rent-to-own programs in their desired area.

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