Where Do I Start

Rent2own-listings.com was designed to guide users through the process by providing free resources and financial help with their applications.  Below are the basic steps our experts recommend to each of our users to help guide them through the process.

1) Review Your Financial Standing – This is one of the most important steps in the process.  Understanding where you are financially and how such factors as your credit, total debt, income level and other determinants affects the application process will make the path that much easier.

2) Search Your Area – Once you speak to an advisor or determine your financial history, it’s best to limit the areas you would want to live in.  Many times our users don’t have an idea on where they want to start which very much slows down the process.

3) Speak To Our Experts – Once you begin your search and have your choices, our experts will help guide you through the application process by connecting you with partners and options that suit your needs.

These steps are to be used a guidance to help make the process easier.  We believe in preparation and understanding your means to finding the best deals for you.  If you need further assistance in the process, please email us at Help@Rent2Own-listings.com.